"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his act being several ages."
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    i hate songs that are like 75% bad but the chorus is so good that you suffer through the whole song just to hear one part like three times

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  • hate:

    i’m like 102% tired

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  • mond0:

    sö î hèãrd ÿôū łįkê gùÿś wìth áçćėñtš

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  • i-mnotbrokenjustbent:


    When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

    That’s because it was fun for baby boomers and they basically gave us this impression it would always be like that, but then they ruined the economy.


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  • Louisiana-based photographer Frank Relle captures the nighttime magic of New Orleans in his ongoing series New Orleans Nightscapes. He uses long exposures to capture the feeling of the powerful, haunting beauty throughout his hometown.

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  • silversarcasm:

    *interacts with people*

    *has to take a four hour nap*

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  • fiftyshadesofmacygray:

    It’s important to make friendships that are deeper than gossiping and drinking and smoking and going out.

    Make friends who you can go get breakfast with, make friends you can cry with, make friends who support your life goals and believe in you.

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  • Three Musketeers ©

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  • inories:

    Going to Mcdonald’s for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug.

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  • prostitourettes:

    why cant i just plug myself into a charger

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  • suicoone:

    why get thinner when you can get more dinner

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